Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and the Liberal Media Are Coming After Me

This last week I have been busy showing how ridiculous Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (AOC) Green New Deal is (you can watch media coverage of how this unfolded below). You wouldn’t believe how unhinged her followers and allies would become.

In just a few short days I have been attacked by the Washington Post, CNN, Salt Lake Tribune, Fortune, Esquire, BBC News, Huffington Post, NBC, The Week Magazine, just to name a few. The Late Show’s Stephen Colbert couldn’t help but devote most of his opening monologue to attacking me. Even Hollywood is piling on with A-list actors like Mark Hamill chiming in.

“Climate Change Bad”

It looks like I made the “gravest of sins,” when I criticized AOC and her Green New Deal, and her followers and her allies in the liberal media can’t handle it.

I can take it. I even expected this backlash.

But the biggest challenge will be the message this criticism sends to my conservative colleagues. They’ll be sure to look at my campaign finance reports, and if I don’t have a strong fundraising numbers because of all of this negative coverage by the liberal media, AOC and her allies in the liberal media win. And if they win, it will send a signal to other conservative leaders and Republicans in Congress that the costs of speaking up aren’t worth it.

Don’t let that happen, please donate $25, $50, $100 or more, to help me have the strongest fundraising reports possible.

AOC and her acolytes are lashing out at me because when it came time to vote on this crackpot scheme, not a single Democrat in the Senate voted for it.  And since she can’t attack her own party, I have become her number one target.

But I say bring it on!

Using our shared principles and conservative values I have defeated liberal schemes like this before and I can do it again, but only with your support.

Don’t let AOC and the liberal media win. Help me file the strongest campaign finance report possible, by sending me a generous donation of $25, $50, $100 or even more today!

I won’t be intimidated, will you?

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