Did you see President Trump’s tweet over the weekend?

He sent a strong signal about what needs to happen next to prevent another spending disaster like the omnibus spending bill we passed in March.

Here’s the Tweet:

The president is absolutely correct. We have plenty of time to fund the government through bills that are open for debate and amendments on the Senate Floor. There’s no need to write these bills behind closed doors. There is also no reason we need to wait until the last minute to fund the government. We have months to get this done.

The House of Representatives is up to this task. I am confident they can get the necessary appropriations bills passed with time to spare.

It is likely that Senate Democrats will try to threaten to block debate on these bills once brought up in the Senate. We should make them back up their threats to block these bills with action. We should make them explain why they are blocking the voice of the American people in the U.S. Senate.

As Republicans we have never made them put their weekends and their recess breaks where their mouth is. And when we don’t fight, the American people lose.

If Senate Democrats don’t want your voice to be heard in the Senate, then they should have to spend their weekends and recess breaks explaining to you why they think obstruction is better than fighting for the interests of their constituents on the Senate Floor.

I’m always ready and willing fight for my constituents’ right to have their voice heard in the Senate. I’ll gladly work weekends. I’ll come in for votes at 2:00 a.m.

Clocks and calendars are the tools of choice for the DC Swamp Establishment, and it’s embarrassing how well these tools work.

Three-day weekends and extended recesses might be sacrosanct to some, but I am confident that the American people overwhelmingly agree that Congress needs to work more – NOT LESS.

This is true especially when these schedule breaks create a series of arbitrary deadlines that are used against the American people to prevent debate and accelerate the passage of bad policy.

It’s time to Make Congress Work Again!

And you can help. Since the omnibus vote in March, I have been building a list of supporters to join me in this fight. If you are on Facebook, you can check out this post. This is one of the posts we are promoting on Facebook, and new people are signing the pledge to join us every day. You can help improve the performance of this post by liking, sharing, or commenting on the post. This is one of the easiest ways you can help us keep building momentum.

You can also join the growing list of supporters that has made a generous contribution to help us fund the effort to find supporters outside their circle of friends.

The Republican agenda of cutting regulations and cutting taxes is leading to strengthening economic growth and increased opportunity for American families. If we can prove that we can also cut spending, Republicans will go into the November elections with a strong tailwind to our backs.

I will fight to make this happen. I hope to have your support.