I hope you’re enjoying your holiday weekend! I just wanted to touch base quickly on a couple of important items.

First, a heart-felt “Thank You” to everyone who contributed to our June fundraising challenge. We beat our financial goal by more than 20 percent, and our contributors goal by an incredible 250 individual donors!

That’s extraordinary news, and exactly the sign of strength we were counting on. To everyone who donated, I am honored and grateful. You gave us a major boost for our political operation as 2016 approaches (sooner thank you think), and a key indicator of grassroots support – the sign of a winning campaign.

So again, thank you to everyone who chipped in.

I also wanted to write today to wish you a happy and healthy Independence Day. I’m reminded every day that this country of ours is worth defending, worth fighting for. It always takes true patriots to preserve freedom – thank you for standing for liberty. We cannot and must not rest as we take on the liberal left and those who continue to undermine our basic rights and freedoms. I’m working hard to safeguard that American promise for our kids and grandkids, and I’m honored to have you by my side.

And most importantly, a special note of thanks to our veterans and active-duty military, the men and women who keep us safe from threat and harm, 365 days a year. Our Fourth of July fireworks, hot dogs, and family gatherings would not be possible without your sacrifice and your service. To anyone who’s worn the uniform, thank you.

To all, I hope you have safe, happy, and meaningful Independence Day. Thanks again.

Mike Lee
U.S. Senator