Here we go again

I need your help to send a message. 

Ever since I was elected to the Senate over eight years ago, there have been factions of the political establishment who have had it in for me. I’ve had national Republican leaders tell me to my face the they will do everything to find and fund an opponent who can beat me. After these threats, I have seen prominent members of the political establishment in Utah try to convince someone to run against me. They even went so far as to fund an effort – that was ultimately successful – to change how political parties choose their candidates, so that they could replace me and make sure other constitutional conservatives could not be elected.

Last time around they failed. They failed because thousands of supporters like you made generous donations to my campaign. This sent a strong signal to potential challengers that I had the resources and the popularity to make any serious challenge to my seat not worth the risk.

I can assure you, if I wasn’t able to mobilize this kind of support, they would have taken me out.

Now, they’re trying to do it again.

A recent article in the Salt Lake Tribune said this:

There is, however, a revolt brewing against Lee as Republican business leaders, frustratedwith his hard-line views, have begun looking for someone to run against the senator – just as they did unsuccessfully in 2016.

What are these hardline views that has this establishment cabal so mad at me? 

It’s because I’ve been publicly defending the freedom of association guaranteed by the First Amendment to political parties, religious institutions, and other civic organizations.

That’s right. Once again, because I’ve been publicly defending the Constitution, I’m being criticized and targeted for defeat. And this crowd will try to defeat me at all costs.

This is why the single-most important thing I can be doing right now is building up my war chest. If this is anything like last time around, the next several months will be the most important fundraising months of my campaign. 

I will keep defending the Constitution and fighting for limited government. I hope I can continue to earn your support.


Mike Lee

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