Join the Fight Against Out-of-control Spending Bills

At the end of March, Congress passed yet another spending bill that was written in secret, introduced at the last minute, and offered without any opportunities for other members of the Senate to amend the bill.

Not surprisingly, this omnibus spending bill contained 2,232-page, spent $1.3 trillion dollars, and we were given less than 48 hours to read, debate, and vote on it. This isn’t just a betrayal of conservatism, it is government at its worst.

Once again I joined a growing coalition of lawmakers in voting against this bill and speaking out against the dysfunctional process that created it.

However, there is a substantial, bipartisan group of representatives and senators who are completely fine with concentrating the spending power into the hands of a small handful of party leaders in Congress. After all, concentrating this power with legislative leadership removes much of the political accountability for members who support these bills, since they can blame leadership for making them take tough votes. In addition to supporting this horrible process, this group and its allies will go out of their way to malign the character of anyone who calls them out to demand better.

Which is why those of us who are willing to fight against these out-of-control spending bills need your help.

You have my commitment that I will continue to vote against these disastrous spending bills.

If the bill is

—written in secret,

—hidden until the last minute of an artificial deadline, and

—introduced without any ability for other members to improve it with amendments,


Until the most members of Congress make this same commitment, I am regretfully confident that this process and its disastrous outcomes will continue.

I invite you to sign a pledge that you strongly disapprove of any member of Congress willing to vote for bills that are:
1 Written in secret,
2 Hidden until the last minute, and
3 Introduced without any amendments or open debate.

If enough people sign this pledge, we will at last be able to fix this problem.

And we don’t have time to waste. The bill Congress passed last week funded the government only until September 30th. So we have 27 weeks to fight for a change.


This recklessness has to stop, and I need your help.

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