This past week as Congress worked to advance the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) Senator Lee successfully added an amendment ensuring the protection of our National Guard’s apache helicopter fleet.

The Senator’s amendment will give Congress and the Department of Defense another year to ensure our National Guard has the most effective resources possible to protect our national security. The extension provided by Lee’s amendment prohibits AH-64 Apache helicopter transfers out of the National Guard for the upcoming fiscal year.

The Utah National Guard’s 1-211th Attack Helicopter Battalion has served with distinction and honor and should continue to demonstrate their efficiency and effectiveness through the upcoming fiscal year. This battalion is vital to our Utah National Guard and those living and serving in Utah. It is also important for our national defense

We must never forget that one of Congress’s main duties as outlined in the Constitution is national defense and protecting our freedom. And we should never resort to balancing our debt and deficits on the backs of our military. We must instead remember that controlling federal spending, lowering taxes that hurt the middle-class and ending burdensome regulations that limit economic growth are critical to our effort to protect this nation.