The Military Advisory Committee was organized by Mike to advise him on veterans and defense issues to help him better champion issues and causes dear to the hearts of our brave soldiers and veterans along with their family members.

Mike Lee is a lifelong supporter of our soldiers and veterans. He believes that America owes a debt of gratitude to our brave servicemen and servicewomen who have risked life and limb in the service of their country. He also believes that we can and must do better to take care of those who have sacrificed to serve their country in uniform. Most importantly, Mike will fight to ensure that ‘the walking wounded’ who have incurred severe injuries in the service of our great country as well as the families of our fallen heroes will be taken care of. He will also work to ensure that our war veterans who return home suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) will receive the treatment they need. For information on the formation of the Military Advisory Committee, please see the original press release.


Mike Lee for Us Senate Military Advisory Committee

Chairman—BG Bruce Frandsen (USA Ret)

Honorary Co-Chairman Jim Hansen (former member of the U.S. House Armed Services Committee)

Vice Chairman—COL Fred Allen (USA Ret)

LTC Chuck Williams (USAF Ret)

LTC Ted Frederick (USA Ret)

LTC Dan Hudson (USA Ret)

CSM James Slade (USA Ret)

CSM Richard DeWolf (USA Ret)

CSM Sid Cardon (USA Ret)

CSM Joe Spencer (USA Ret)

SFC Joe Hagan (USA Ret)

SSG Stuart Morris (USA Ret)

SSG Rob Alexander (USAF Ret)

National Security Policy Coordinator—LT David Pyne (USA Ret)


Join Us Today!

If you are a veteran of the US armed forces interested in joining Mike Lee’s Military Advisory Committee, please fill out the form below listing your name, the branch of the military you served in along with your rank on separation and any endorsing statement you would like to include to let everyone know why you are supporting Mike as Utah’s next United States Senator!


Standing for Our Military – Fight to Win

I believe America should fight only just wars of self-defense or defense of our close allies in cases where our vital interests are threatened. When we commit our troops to war, we should employ overwhelming force to achieve swift military victory and bring our troops home to a ticker-tape parade in accordance with the Weinberger-Powell Doctrine and America’s proud just war fighting tradition.


Rebuild Our Armed Forces

In furtherance of Ronald Reagan’s motto of ‘peace through strength’, I will fight to rebuild our overstretched and underfunded U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps ground forces to ensure their ability to fight and win any future major regional contingency.


Defend America

I will work to refocus the mission of our armed forces to protecting our citizens and defending our nation from enemy attack rather than nation-building, global policing and exporting democracy to the nations of the world by direct military force. Our focus must be on rebuilding our own nation. We should not and cannot afford to continue the quest for nation-building. The best way to win our just war against Islamic terrorists is to win it here at home by redeploying most of our troops home from the Middle East to defend America’s porous ports and borders from an ongoing illegal immigrant invasion and continuing terrorist infiltration. In addition, I will work to ensure that America maintains a strong and effective intelligence capability to enable us to identify and apprehend the hundreds of terrorist cells in our own country and help ensure that any and all attempts by our enemies to attack our homeland in the future will be foiled before they occur. An essential element of any strategy aimed at preventing future terrorist attacks on our country is for us to pursue a less interventionist and less provocative foreign policy abroad.


Protect America Against Nuclear/EMP Attack

I believe the U.S. should set as one of its highest national defense priorities the deployment of a comprehensive, yet affordable national missile defense system as envisioned by Ronald Reagan in order to make nuclear weapons obsolete. I also strongly support legislation to implement the recommendations of the Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack to protect our citizens from such a potentially catastrophic strike against our nation.