PETITION: How DC is destroying our education system

As we speak, there’s a major debate brewing in the Senate. It’s a debate over the future of education, and the right and wrong way for Washington to spend your money.

I’m going to ask you to get involved on this one – because my voice can’t be the only one out there!

Here’s the heart of it. I believe (and I bet you agree) that your tax dollars do the most good when they are spent as close to home as possible. Put simply: picture the distance between your wallet and where your tax dollars get spent… I say the smaller, the better!

That’s especially true in education.

Parents, teachers, and local administrators are always going to have better insight into what works and what doesn’t, certainly better than some bureaucrat sitting in Washington.

That’s a message we need to send loud and clear – and strong enough to punch through all the inertia and self-importance in Washington!

Please, click here to sign my education petition and let Congress know that your tax dollars are an investment in our local schools, not a bigger building for the bureaucrats in DC.

Education decisions impact all of us, especially the next generations of Americans. Let’s keep education dollars and decisions in the hands of the parents, teachers, and local administrators. Click this link to help send that message loud and clear.


Mike Lee
U.S. Senator

P.S. “One size fits all” simply doesn’t work in education, and “Washington knows best” doesn’t work at all. Here’s that link again – click here to demand local control! Thanks again – Mike.

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