Oh Mike Lee. What a wonderful man. Ya know it wasn’t much of a surprise the level of animosity the man roused from the beltway establishment following his walloping of the former Senator Bob Bennet, a man who Human Events rated as one of the top ten most liberal Republicans in the senate at one point. Yes how dare a man with conviction, principles, and God forbid a backbone ever have the audacity to run for the senate against a liberal Republican who’d been in DC longer than most of us wanted to even consider.

And it’s sad that Orrin Hatch is kinda sorta really the same way…

Well Lee has made sure to back up his words and promises on the campaign trail with definitive and distinctive action. His latest move, a new and more conservative approach to taxes that would theoretically bring a little much needed relief to those of us toiling under the steel toed boot of the machine that is the government. And that isn’t the end of it. What other proposals could be in the works? And could any of these have any potential impact on the presidential race?

Source: (www.knrs.com)